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Guest Post and Giveaway with Shelley Workinger

Settling (Solid #2)I’ve been asked many times if “Solid” has a soundtrack (and now “Settling” as well). I’m not sure that everyone understands my answer – “No, but it has a playlist” – so I’ll explain.

From the time I dreamt the scene that became chapter twelve of “Solid,” this series has been very sensory to me. I could watch scenes in my mind, hear the characters speak, and, yes, hear the background sounds and songs. But when you ask me about the series’ music, I don’t think of those kind of scene-supporting melodies producers use to enhance a story for the screen; I think of the music that Clio thinks about – what she listens to and records in her lyric journal.

Clio has very strong feelings about music; in “Solid,” she says: I loved how the words to a song could perfectly capture my feelings about a moment, or a day, or a friend. I imagined someday putting together a massive compilation, like a sort of soundtrack of my life….And she hears through the music to the story behind it and the truth within it, partly because of the appreciation of words she’s learned from her novelist mother, but mostly because, as the saying goes, every teenage girl is a poet. So the music that’s important to her – that resonates in her mind – is not even always music that she likes, but that speaks to her. Speaks so loudly, in fact, that by the end of “Solid” she’s decided to write a song of
her own.

So here is the playlist for “Settling,” which you can see is significantly longer than that of the previous book, mainly because as she settles into this new life, Clio has more and more experiences that she can’t find the right words for, but that she can find expressed in songs. This playlist is a true reflection on the events of the second book of the series.

I’m Yours – The Script
Believe It Or Not – James Taylor
Let Me Go – 3 Doors Down
Starless – Crossfade
You Found Me – The Fray
My Way – Frank Sinatra
Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Far Behind - Candlebox

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In honor of the release of Settling, I pleased to be able to giveaway a signed copy along with a bookmark. Open to US resident 13 and up only.  Contest ends 7/2 at 11:59 PM. 


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  2. Thank you so much to Page for hosting me, and to who all the readers who are checking out my new series!

    If you didn't win this giveaway, you might want to check out the "Solid" series promotion I'm offering for the month of July:

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    Shelley W.


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