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Review - The Crown Conspiracy (The Riyria Revelations, #1) by Michael J Sullivan

The Crown Conspiracy (The Riyria Revelations, #1)Title: The Crown Conspiracy
Author:  Michael J. Sullivan
Series: 1st
Pages: 296
Published: October 1st 2008 by Aspirations Media Inc
ISBN: 9780980003437
Source: Personal copy but also have a combine edition for review

Description: THEY KILLED THE KING. THEY PINNED IT ON TWO MEN. THEY CHOSE POORLY.  Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater make a profitable living carrying out dangerous assignments for conspiring nobles until they become the unwitting scapegoats to the murder of the king. Sentenced to death, they have only one way out…and so begins this epic tale of treachery and adventure, sword fighting and magic, myth and legend.  

 I Give This ...

I'm choosing to review these as separate books because that's how they were first published.  Plus, they aren't novellas so while having 2-in-1 editions is nice, I don't think it's important to review them as such.

I was pulled into this book from the very start.  Royce and Hadrian are not your typical thieves.  I loved their whit and their ability to think their way out of any situation.  They are good at what they do and they know it (which is reflected in the prices they charge).  I found it interesting the such thieves cater almost directly to the nobility.  I was most impressed how they could take cases that can pit people against each other.  Plus, they just seemed like fun men to be around.  Can you imagine the things you would see by being with them!

I enjoyed the royal lineup as well.  The prince is thrust into a position he does not want and no idea who he can trust.  He blindly follows Royce and Hadrian because he really has no idea what to do next and they at least have some idea.  I admired how much he grows and learns along his journey.  He's not the spoiled boy in the end.  I'm hoping we get to see what kind of king he has become in future books.

I loved some of the specifics that were included in this book.  I liked learning about the magician who is be imprisoned in the earth for like ever (was it 1000 years?).  He doesn't seem as dangerous as they say, so I'm curious how that plays out.  I loved learning about how Royce and Hadrian accomplish some of their thievery.  And one of my favorite parts was the rescue of the princess while the tower is collapsing around them! 

I hope this is a good indication of how the rest of the series might go.  If it is, I'm in for an awesome ride!

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