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Review - The Land of Tears (Kindred Blood #3) by Amber Riley

The Land of Tears (Kindred Blood #3)Title: The Land of Tears
Author: Amber Riley
Pages: 164
Published: March 13th 2012 by iUniverse 
ISBN: 9781475900620
Source: Sent in exchange for honest review 

Description: Spain is the one place Kaden never planned to see again. Years after he escaped the master vampire, he has never looked back—until now. As he stands before enemy vampires and werewolves, he knows that determination is the only thing that can save Lyn from her captives. Everything Kaden has worked so hard for has to be forgotten. He must become a ruthless killer once again.  After everything Kaden has done to remain free, he has purposely walked back into his old life, leaving his friends behind in order to protect them. Now, in the midst of a bad game of hide and seek with Phoenix, Kaden must fool everyone into thinking he has returned for all the right reasons. But Phoenix is not easily swayed. He still resents Kaden for leaving and letting Tobias out of his tomb. Kaden is running out of time. If his plan fails, there will never be another opportunity.  In the third tale of the Kindred Blood series, a young life depends on whether Kaden can convince Phoenix and his fellow vampires to trust him. One way or another, things are about to end where they all began.

I Give This ...

I've enjoyed this series very much.  It's what I imagine most vampires to be like, absolutely ruthless!  But, I loved that Kaden has managed to retain his humanity through it all.

I knew from the start of this series, that we would eventually end up in Spain.  And I wanted to see how ruthless Phoenix was.  I was always curious as to why Kaden was so important to him.  Why would he go to such lengths to make sure he came home and resumed his role as second in command.  Now, I know why.  And it made perfect sense.  I loved that all the pieces fit together.  

I was a little disappointed in Lyn sometimes.  Granted we don't have an insight into what she's really going through.   She seems to have decided to play the weak heroine this time around.  She's desperate for Kaden to save her, but does nothing to try and help.  And then she acts shocked when she sees a video of Kaden acting like a ruthless vampire.  Um, he's a vampire and you expected him not to act like one (especially when he's told you how he use to be while under Phoenix's watch).

I'm still not sure on the ending.  It was different.  I was disappointed at first, but in the end I decided to let it go.  I guess I didn't to read about the blood and carnage really.  This way, I just get to know that all is well.


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