Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love Bites (Vampire Kisses, #7) by Ellen Schreiber

Love Bites (Vampire Kisses, #7)Title: Love Bites
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Series: #7 in Vampire Kisses
Published: May 2010 by Harper Collins
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780061689420
Source: Library

Description: As a mortal girl dating a vampire, Raven knows that love isn’t always easy. Now that Alexander’s parents have returned to Romania, Raven and her dreamy vampire boyfriend are happy to resume their cryptic romance.  But soon another visitor comes knocking: Sebastian, Alexander’s best friend, arrives for a stay at the mansion. At first Raven is wary, and then thrilled – this is the perfect chance to learn more about her darkly handsome boyfriend and his past. Raven has been wondering whether Alexander will ever bite her and make their love immortal, and Sebastian could be her guide to the love habits of Alexander and his kind. But when Sebastian falls for a particular Dullsvillian, will another mortal beat Raven to the bite?  

I Give This ... 

I liked this one quite a bit more than the last, but I'm beginning to feel like we are going in circles.   We know next to nothing about Alexander.  I'm hoping we are on the brink of something big, but I'm not sure how many more books that author can drag out of this.  I want something concrete and I want to know if he intends to chance Raven or not.  She's perfectly willing and she fits right in.  I want to know what's holding him back because he never explains anything.   Besides all that, the story was fun.  I think we get to see a lighter side of Raven.  She plans a party, plays matchmaker, and torments her nemesis some more.  I like Sebastian.  He's fun and gets himself into a trouble quite a bit.  Always interesting to see another vampire added to the story.  I liked the ending and look forward to the next book in the series!


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