Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Claimed by Shadow (Cassandra Palmer, #2) by Karen Chance

Claimed By Shadow (Cassandra Palmer, #2)Title: Claimed by Shadow
Series: 2nd in Cassandra Palmer Series
Author: Karen Chance
Published: April 2007 by Roc
ISBN: 9780451461520
Source: Library

Description: Clairvoyant Cassie Plamer has inherited new magical powers-including the ability to travel through time. But it's a whole lot of responsibility she'd rather not have. Now she's the most popular girl in town, as an assortment of vamps, fey, and mages try to convince, force, or seduce her-and her magic-over to their side. But one particular master vampire didn't ask what Cassie wanted before putting a claim on her. He had a spell cast that binds her to him, and now she doesn't know if what she feels for him is real-or imagined...  

I Give This ...
Thank you to all those who said don't give up on this series.  I usually find the second book in series falls very short of the 1st book.  But, occasionally the second book far succeeds the first.  In fact, you could almost skip the first book and go straight to this one.  It even explains some of the events that occur in the first better.  Although, you do miss some of the character set up.  Cassandra is starting to grow on me.  She is accepting who she is and the powers that truly belong to her, even if she doesn't want them to.  She's head strong, and I think that might be an a character trait that will greatly benefit her.  I'm enjoying the world that the author is creating.  There's a lot of characters and a lot of supernatural rules you have to learn along the way.  But, I'm thinking that eventually all get worked out.  I think it helps that I've read other book involving fey, vampires, etc.  I think my favorite part of this book was the geis that the Vampire put on Cassie.  It's interesting the way it works and how it affects both the vampire and Cassie.  I will be interested to see how this plays into future books.
Overall, this was much better than the first one.  I will keep reading this series (thankfully the library already has them)!

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