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Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, Book 3) by Ellen Schreiber

Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, Book 3)

Title: Vampireville
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Published: August 2006
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780060776251
Source: Library

Description: For goth-girl Raven, dating her dream boyfriend is complicated, especially because Alexander's secret means that they can see each other only at night.
And now the pair must be extra wary in the dark with Alexander's archrival, Jagger, appearing around town. As if Jagger isn't enough cause for worry, Luna, his strikingly pale sister, has also surfaced and seems to have her sights set on Raven's longtime nemesis, Trevor. Together, Raven and Alexander must begin a terrifying search for Jagger and Luna's hideout to drive them away -- that is, if it's not already too late to save Dullsville from becoming Vampireville.

I Give This Book 4 Stars!

I feel like I'm being a little generous giving this 4 stars, but it was such a vast improvement over the first two in the series.  Raven stepped out of the one dimensional goth girl image for awhile in this book.  I was glad for that because for some reason it still bugs me that Raven has to be goth.  And the way it is described seems more a fashion statement than anything.  Anyway, I also feel I learned a little more about Alexander in this book.  He gains a little needed background.  It gives him strength as a character.  I also enjoyed what Jagger and Luna brought to the story.  Jagger was creepy and you never know exactly what he up too.  I couldn't figure out Luna either.  All together a better story that the first two book!

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