Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review - Sound (Solid #3) by Shelley Workinger

SoundTitle: Sound
Author: Shelley Workinger
Series: 3rd (Solid, Settling)
Pages: 218
Published: November 1st 2012 
ISBN:  9781478377009
Source: Publisher for honest review

Description: Clio Kaid's had one crazy summer.  After learning she was one of a hundred teens who were genetically modified before birth, she and the others departed for "camp" at a classified military site.  Besides discovering her own special ability, uncovering a conspiracy, and capturing a killer, she's also forged new friendships, found love, and managed to lose them both.  With no answers and the end of summer closing in, Clio's terrified of going home more lost than when she arrived.  Will she finally find everything she's been looking for?

I Give This ...

I've been with the series since the release of the first novel.  I was happy to be asked to participate in the tour for the final book.   Sound was a great ending to a trilogy I've really enjoyed.    

I was hoping that Clio would get some redemption in this book.  I never felt like she deserved all that happened to her in the 2nd book.  Sure she made some poor choices.  But as teenagers typically do, they all overacted.  I was happy to see that her friends just needed some time to cool off and realized the true importance of friendship.

I liked how Clio begins to understand her abilities a little bit more.  With the help of her friends, some progress is made is the idea of how she is different and what the future might hold for all of them.  

I think the only thing I was disappointed in was it really didn't feel like much of an ending.  We know what happens to the school, but not much besides that.  There are no cliffhangers per say,  just loosely tied ends.   

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