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The Moonlight Serenade (Fascination Island #2) by Kate Hinderer

The Moonlight Serenade (Fascination Island #2)Title: The Moonlight Serenade
Author: Kate Hinderer
Series: 2nd (Emerald Isle)
Pages: 350
Published:  June 10th 2013 
Source: Sent by Author for honest review

Description: When the opportunity of a lifetime falls into Collette's lap, she jumps at the chance to intern at Fascination Island and sing on the stage of the Moonlight Serenade. Growing up around the theater, she's dreamed of making it big since the first time she saw her mother grace the stage. But she first needs to conquer the overwhelming shyness that threatens her at the most inopportune time. And then there is Falcon. With his dark looks and charming personality it's easy to fall for someone she can never have a future with, and that's before she learns his secret.

I Give This ...

When I read the first in the series, there were slight indications that this might be a series.  Certain clashes of powers between people led me to believe that this story might not be finished.  I was happy to see that I was right.  And I was even more pleased that I was offered a chance to review the next in the series.

Collette was hard for me grasp at first.  She's a little different from our main character in the first book.  She's looking to become a star, but she has one tiny problem.  She freezes up on stage, especially when she sings to a small crowd (specifically she can't sing at all when there's only 1 person listening).  At first I had a hard time believing that this was the only thing limiting her signing career.  But, it seems that her shyneess tends to make her signing seem slightly emotionless.    But her character grew on me. 

I was intrigued by Falcon's interest in Collette.  She really was his Siren in so many ways.  I think part of the draw was he was told to stay away from her.  I think there are many characters that take that as a challenge.  But, it did not take him long to realize that Collette was so much more than that.  The problem was that their were other people who realized that as well.  Collette became more of a prize that she could ever realize.

The chain of events were very similar to the first book.  But, the choices made were slightly different.  I found that little hints of what might be to come very interesting.  Fate put Collette exactly were she needed to be and allowed her to make a choice that she wouldn't have made for herself.


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