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Review - Diva (Flappers #3) by Jillian Larkin

Diva (Flappers, #3)Title: Diva
Author: Jillian Larkin
Series: 3rd (Vixen, Ingenue)
Pages: 272
Published:  July 10th 2012 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers 
ISBN: 9780385740418
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: Parties, bad boys, speakeasies—life in Manhattan has become a woozy blur for Clara Knowles. If Marcus Eastman truly loved her, how could he have fallen for another girl so quickly? Their romance mustn't have been as magical as Clara thought. And if she has to be unhappy, she's going to drag everyone else down to the depths of despair right along with her.  Being a Barnard girl is the stuff of Lorraine Dyer's dreams. Finding out that Marcus is marrying a gold digger who may or may not be named Anastasia? A nightmare. The old Lorraine would have sat by and let the chips fall where they may, but she's grown up a lot these past few months. She can't bear to see Marcus lose a chance for true love. But will anyone listen to her?  Now that the charges against her have been dropped, Gloria Carmody is spending the last dizzying days of summer on Long Island, yachting on the sound and palling around with socialites at Forrest Hamilton's swanky villa. Beneath her smile, though, Gloria's keeping a secret. One that could have deadly consequences.

I Give This ...

I always like to see a satisfying ending to a series.   It's been a bit of ride, but I've enjoyed this series quite a bit.  it's opened up my eyes to a time period that I'm not really familiar with.    

I found Gloria's situation the most interesting.  I just didn't buy the fact that she would be released in exchange for gathering information on Forrest for the police.  Like he would expect anything at all from that arrangement.  I did like how it made her see what her life could have possibly been like if she had no fallen in love with Jerome.  But, it also made her realize what she was willing to do to keep him.  I think it shows how much she truly loves him.

I was the most impressed with Lorraine's changes.  She hasn't been my favorite character though out the series.   She tends to think of herself and be damned the consequences.  Suddenly she's realizing how much her actions have isolated her.  She begins to see that her actions have caused all this but doesn't know how to make amends.  When she realizes that Marcus may be marrying someone who is after his money, she thinks it might be way to show she's turned a new leaf.

I felt a little sorry for Clara.  She knows that she should have told Marcus the truth.  But, she's always had a little trouble with the "us" part.  She's use to thinking for herself.  You can really tell how much losing Marcus is pulling her down.  I was happy to see her make some choices that were strictly for herself and pull her out of the life she has been leading.  

The story was a little slow, but then the girls have all grown up.  It's not about the dancing, the alcohol, the money, or anything else to to with the speakeasies.  It's about finding who you really are and what you are willing to do to hold on to what you have.  I really enjoyed the story and thought it tied up all the loose ends perfectly.  Everybody is were they should be.   


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