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Review - Cascade (River of Time #2) by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Cascade (River of Time, #2)Title: Cascade
Author: Lisa Bergren
Series: 2nd (Waterfall)
Pages: 399
Published: June 1st 2011 by David C. Cook
ISBN: 9781434764317
Source: Author sent for honest review

Description: Mom touched my underdress—a gown made six hundred years before—and her eyes widened as she rubbed the raw silk between thumb and forefinger. She turned and touched Lia’s gown. “Where did you get these clothes?”  Gabi knows she’s left her heart in the fourteenth century and she persuades Lia to help her to return, even though they know doing so will risk their very lives. When they arrive, weeks have passed and all of Siena longs to celebrate the heroines who turned the tide in the battle against Florence—while the Florentines will go to great lengths to see them dead.  But Marcello patiently awaits, and Gabi must decide if she’s willing to leave her family behind for good in order to give her heart to him forever.

 I Give This ...

I decided after my enjoyment of the first book in this series that I couldn't let the other two linger on my kindle for very long.  They called to me.  So I dived into Cascade with high hopes.  I was not disappointed.

This book pretty much starts were the last one ended.  Gabi and Lia are back in their own time period.  But, it doesn't take long for her to long to go back.  There's something about the past that calls to her.  I don't think it's just Marcello.  I think both girls adapted so readily to the ways of the past, that it would probably be extremely hard to come back to the present.  I especially think that enjoyed the difference they made.  They like having knowledge of the future and being seen as the "she-wolves".  I think it was addicting for both of them.  

The events of this book were fast past and interesting.  Poor Gabi never catches a break.  She's become the people's hero and the enemies will go to great lengths to guarantee her demise.   I think Gabi especially forgets what life was like for those living in this time period.  Torture isn't a very common word used in civilized countries nowadays.  But, Gabi learns first hand what that might mean in Florentine.  I loved the dramatic rescue  and I was especially intrigued by the new character introduced throughout this time.  I'm still not sure who's side him might really be on.

I loved the progression of Gabi and Marcello's relationship.  For Marcello, their are no doubts.  But, Gabi seems to have a hard time with what's normal now compared to what's normal then.  I think deep down, she knows she wants to stay.  I just never really understood her hesitation.  I think her sister and her mother could adapt just as easily.  I'm not sure what Gabi think is holding them all to the present day, besides the hope of something else.

I've always loved historical fiction, and time travel seems to mix well with it.  I can's wait to read the last in this series.  And then, I might have to seek out some more historical fiction with time travel!

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  1. I'm halfway through this. Great review! Now I'm curious about the big rescue...


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