Monday, January 2, 2012

Challenges for 2011

I did ok on the challenge front for 2011.  I excelled in some of them and others pretty much barely made the radar.  For the complete list of books check the link!

For my 100 + books challenge, I read 175 total for the year.  Less than 2010, but an impressive number none the less. 

I didn't do as well this year in the Support Your Library Challenge.  This one I plan to really work on this year.  I read 12 books from the library

I also didn't do well in the Off Your Shelf Challenge.  I read 12 for this as well.  I need to get to those books on my shelf!
Off The Shelf Challenge

I did about the same for the Adult Paranormal/Fantasy challenge.   I was doing really in the beginning, but come summer the challenge was basically abandoned.  I managed 15 for this challenge. 
Paranormal/Fantasay Challenge

I did excellent in the Ebook challenge, as long as you don't care that most of those books were books for review.  But, my kindle was well loved since I've received it.  70 book total read on my kindle!
E-Book Challenge

I also impressed myself with Debut Author Challenge, although I was really bad at remembering to get the extra entries for linking my reviews!  I read 43 books by authors published for the first time in 2011!
Debut Author Challenge

I'm behind on getting my challenges up for 2012.  I think it's mainly because I haven't see who is hosting the ones I always participate in (100+ Books and Support Your Library) and haven't seen others that really interest me.  I'm looking to branch away for YA paranormal romance this year.   Maybe a historical fiction challenge!

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