Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review - Awakened (House of Night #8) by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Awakened (House of Night, #8)Title: Awakened
Author: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Pages: 290
Published: January 4, 2011 by St. Martins
ISBN: 9780312650247
Source: Library

Description: Exonerated by the Vampyre High Council and returned to her position of High Priestess at Tulsa’s House of Night, Neferet has sworn vengeance on Zoey.  Dominion over Kalona is only one of the weapons she plans to use against Z.  But Zoey has found sanctuary on the Isle of Skye and is being groomed by Queen Sgiach to take over for her there.  Being Queen would be cool, wouldn’t it?  Why should she return to Tulsa? After losing her human consort, Heath, she will never be the same – and her relationship with her super-hot-warrior, Stark, may never be the same either…And what about Stevie Rae and Rephaim?  The Raven Mocker refuses to be used against Stevie Rae, but what choice does he have when no one in the entire world, including Zoey, would be okay with their relationship?  Does he betray his father or his heart? In the pulse-pounding 8th book in the bestselling House of Night series, how far will the bonds of friendship stretch and how strong are the ties that bind one girl’s heart?

I Give This ...

I feel like I've been played.  I keep saying one more book and if I don't like it then I'm giving up.  But, at 8 books in, I'm still reading this blasted series.  It's like a gigantic circle of events.  In this book, I seriously feel like we're back at square one.

After all that she's done, how the hell is Neferet still in anybody's good graces?  She's got some gift of persuasion to be able to convince everybody to forgive and forget.  She really drives me crazy.  But, maybe I can see what seems to be so painfully obvious because I've been privy to the information from the very beginning.  Everybody else just seems incredible naive to me.  I really wish she would just come out into the open so this series can be done with.

And once again, I kind of wanted to smack some since into Zoey.   Let's just stay in this alternate reality and not deal with the pain and suffering of the real world.  It would be so much easier.  Sad that the death of a friend is what finally brings her out of hiding.  The only good thing from her character is she finally seems to be standing up for what she believes in which in turn I hope means she will finally start acting like a high priestess.  I don't care if she's still a teenager.  

Things I did enjoy...the twins seem to be largely absent from this book.  Which means no annoying banter and side conversations.  I also really do like Stevie and Rephaim's relationship.  It's so out of the ordinary.   I think the only reasons I might read the next one is that relationship, and the fact that the library has them.  I stopped buying these a long time ago!

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