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Unraveled (Intertwined #2) by Gena Showalter

Unraveled (Intertwined, #2)Title: Unraveled
Author: Gena Showalter
Series: 2nd in Intertwined
Pages: 572
Published: August 2010 by Harlequin
ISBN:  9780373210220
Source: Won

Description: Since coming to Crossroads, Oklahoma, former outcast Aden Stone has been living the good life. Never mind that one of his best friends is a werewolf, his girlfriend is a vampire princess who hungers for his blood, and he's supposed to be crowned Vampire King—while still a human! Well, kind of.  With four—oops, three now—human souls living inside his head, Aden has always been "different" himself. These souls can time-travel, raise the dead, possess another's mind and, his least favorite these days, tell the future.The forecast for Aden? A knife through the heart.Because a war is brewing between the creatures of the dark, and Aden is somehow at the center of it all. But he isn't about to lie down and accept his destiny without a fight. Not when his new friends have his back, not when Victoria has risked her own future to be with him, and not when he has a reason to live for the first time in his life…

I Give This ...

I'm beginning to think I need to eat my words when I say that the second book usually disappoints.  As of late, that has so not been the case.  After reading Intertwined, I might not have read Unraveled had it not been for that fact that I won a copy of it. I would have missed an excellent addition to a series I will be continuing!

Poor Aden!  All he wants to do is have a normal life, attend high school, etc.  But, now he's the king of the vampires.  He has to make decision regarding blood-slaves, challenges, and finding a Queen.  It was not surprising no one would accept that all he wanted was Victoria.  Not to mention he has to deal with the witches.  His abilities are really starting to come through, and I find him a really interesting character.  It's no wonder everybody wants a piece of him.  Speaking of Victoria, I liked learning more about her and why she is the way she is.  She seems more like a person now and not just a character throw into the story.
I LOVED Mary Anne and Riley in this story.  Their romance is sweet and sometimes raw and emotional.  I like the new development of what Mary Anne really is.  I also really loved how that didn't matter to Riley.  I wonder how much trouble he will be in for what he has done to protect her.  It should make for some interesting subject matter in the next installment.

I also enjoyed the involvement of the witches and the fae in this one.  I love it when a story twists how you normally think of a mythical creature (although the fae weren't that different).  I did think the ending with the witches was really anti-climatic.  It was way to abrupt, but I guess the author felt there were more pressing matters at hand.  I really enjoyed the ending.  It was not I was expecting!  I can't wait for the next one! 

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