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Intertwined (Intertwined #1) by Gena Showalter

Intertwined (Intertwined, #1)Title: Intertwined
Author: Gena Showalter
Series: 1st in Intertwined series
Pages: 440
Published: September 2009 by Harlequin
ISBN: 9780373210022
Source: Personal Copy

Description: There’s something about the new guy at Crossroads High . . . Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him: One can time-travel. One can raise the dead. One can tell the future. And one can possess another human. With no other family and a life spent in and out of institutions, Aden and the souls have become friends. But now, they’re causing him all kinds of trouble. Like, he’ll blink and suddenly he’s a younger Aden, reliving the past. One wrong move, and he’ll change the future. Or, he’ll walk past a total stranger and know how and when she’s going to die. He’s so over it. All he wants is peace. And then he meets a girl who quiets the voices. Well, for as long as he’s with her. Why? Mary Ann Gray is his total opposite. He’s a loner; she has friends. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks; she tries to make everyone happy. And while he attracts the paranormal, she repels it. For her sake, he should stay away. But it’s too late. . . Somehow, they share an inexplicable bond of friendship. A bond about to be tested by a werewolf shape-shifter who wants Mary Ann for his own and a vampire princess Aden can’t resist. Two romances, both forbidden. . . doomed. Still, the four will enter a dark underworld of intrigue and danger. . . but not everyone will come out alive. . .  

I Give This ...

I admit, I haven't read anything but Gena Showalter until now.  I also admit I probably should have read something else by her first.  There's isn't anything wrong with this book per say, I would just be willing to bet that her adult series are better.

I've noticed that first books in paranormal series have a lot of characters you have to get straight.  This one is no exception.  There's a lot of paranormal beings introduced, including, zombie, vampires, and werewolves.  I was never really sure what one had to do with the other.  And then not only to you have Aden, but also the four souls living inside him.  They all have separate names and identitiesPlus, Aden has a tendency to have conversations with all four souls at once.  That's a lot of dialogue to keep track of.  I actually liked the idea of the four souls.  It was a different paranormal aspect that I haven't read before.  I also liked how they were linked to him.  

I wasn't sure about the supporting characters.  For the longest time I just didn't get the connection Aden had to Mary Anne.  I thought it was going to be a love triangle thing, and I just wasn't feeling it.  When it wasn't, I admit I was relieved, but I still didn't get it.  When their connection is more adequately explained, it made sense.  I did like Riley and Mary Anne's relationship.  It felt the most real out of all of them.  I disliked Victoria and Aden's relationship the most.  It felt forced and I think it's because of the vision.  

It's an interesting start to the series, and I admit I'm curious.  I think that now that most of the characters are introduced the story might flow a little better.  Plus, I want to see Aden have some peace I think he deserves.

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