Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Team Challenge (The Pony Whisperer, #2) by Janet Rising

Team Challenge (The Pony Whisperer, #2)Title: Team Challenge
Author: Janet Rising
Series: 2nd in Pony Whispers
Pages: 192
Published: Available now by Sourcebooks
ISBN: 9781402239533
Source: sent for review

Description: Team Challenge continues the misadventures of Pia and her horse, Drummer, a pony with attitude. It's the start of summer vacation and everyone in the stable yard is excited about entering a new, nationwide team competition. When Pia and her arch-nemesis Catriona end up on competing teams, it's bound to end in trouble! 

I Give This ...

I really enjoy this series.  It's cute and I'm seeing a positive message in the stories.  I love the inclusion of horses and such an important part of the story.

I liked Pia a lot more in this story.  I love the family challenges she faces.  I think it reflects well on what a lot of preteens are going through at home.  She has to watch her mom start dating men other than her dad.  Plus, she has to deal with the woman her father has chosen to date.   I thought it was interesting the things her dad showers on this women, especially the things Pia has wanted for many years.

I liked how the story presents the idea of working together as a team.  The only way they will win is if they help and support each other.  I also loved how Pia was able to realize that the horses needed more praise.  They weren't getting anything out of being made to train so hard.  I loved the message that animals have feelings too.
I'm really enjoying this series.  I think it will be something my older daughter will love when she's older.  She loves horses!  I know I would have enjoyed it at the age of 8 or so.

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