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The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner

The Silver BladeTitle: The Silver Blade
Author: Sally Gardner
Series: Sequel to The Red Necklace
Pages: 368
Published: September 2009 by Dial
ISBN: 9780803733770
Source: Personal Copy

Description: A stirring tale of magic and revolution- fans of The Red Necklace won't want to miss it. The year is 1794. With his beloved Sido safely in England and the Reign of Terror at its height, mysterious Yann returns to revolutionary France to smuggle out aristocratic refugees who will otherwise face the guillotine. But while the two are apart, Yann’s Gypsy origins prejudice Sido’s guardian against their marriage, thwarting their longed-for reunion. When Sido is kidnapped under strange circumstances, however, Yann must use all his strength and courage to outwit the evil Count Kalliovski, rescue Sido, and help save all of France.

I Give This ...


I really enjoyed The Red Necklace, so I was eager to read the sequel and rejoin the world of Sido and Yann.  I particularly like the setting of the French Revolution in this book. I think it gives the story an edge.

I liked how Yann is the focus in this story.  I think Sido received her closurer in the first book and if it weren't for the fact that she's tied to Yann, we wouldn't even really need to see her in the book.  I liked the mystery of the silver blade.  It's impressive that Yann was rescuing french aristocrats right under the noses of the national assembly.  I also thought it was amusing he left a calling card.  He made himself an enigma.  I enjoyed how discovered who he really was and sometimes being connected to a person isn't important.

I also enjoyed the dealings with Count Kalliovski.  What a creepy man!  I never really understood why he wanted Sido so badly though.  Except maybe for the simple fact that she got away from him and nobody ever did.  Seemed like a drastic reason for making a deal with the devil.  I also enjoyed his dog.  It was an interesting addition to the story.

I wonder if there will be another one in this series.  I think there is room for more.  Yann is just understanding his powers.  Plus, the revolution isn't over yet.  Not sure were it could go though.  But, I would read it.


  1. Hey Page, great review! I read this one last year, and I liked it better than THE RED NECKLACE (Yann seemed more interesting to Sido, lol) Glad to see that you liked it too!

  2. I recently won this book, not realising that it was the second book in the series. I have therefore just borrowed the first book in the series.

  3. Marg - You could probably read it without reading the first. But, the first one is good in my opinion. Completely worth it! I hope you enjoy them both!


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