Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week.  It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.  Click on the picture to be taken to Sheila at One Person's Journey Through A World of Books!
I started off the week finishing Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev.  I LOVED this book.  I was unsure at first, but I think I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I started it.  I ended up thinking it was fantastic.  Currently have it rated as 4 stars on goodreads, but when I get to my review, I have a feeling it might change to a 5 butterfly book!

Next I hit the review pile and read The Word on the Yard by Janet Rising.  Perfect for pre-teen girls, especially those who love horses.  I really enjoyed the story.  It reminded me of The Saddle Club series I read as a girl.  

I read a library book next.  Captivate by Carrie Jones was much better than the first in the series Need.  There is still something that bothers me about the characters though.  Zara especially gets on my nerves.

I read Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog next.  It was an interesting story.  I liked her writing and will be reading her next book.  The only thing that bothered me was I didn't feel the relationship between Morgan and Cam.  So they story lost some of its appeal since it's all about Morgan saving Cam.

Since I was cruising right along, I opened up another library book.  I'm reading Touch The Dark  by Karen Chance.  I don't know if it's because I'm not really into the story or because we're visiting my parents, but I'm just not into this book.  I'm hoping to finish it before this posts in the morning or sometime on Monday.  But, I've been reading it since Thursday!

I also plan on reading Saving Max  by Antionette van Heugten.  This sounds like a really serious book, so I hope I enjoy it.  I will also read The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger.  I also need to read Claimed by Shadows by Karen Chance, but that will depend on how I feel when I'm finished with Touch The Dark.


  1. Eyes Like Stars sounds really interesting. I think I'll look it up next time I'm at the library.

    Have a great reading week! I love your blog; it's so pretty!

  2. Okay, lots to comment on for this one!
    First of all, and very important! Touch the Dark is not that good. But READ THE SECOND BOOK! You will be blown away! Trust me on this, this series turns out GREAT! I almost didn't read the second book but I did and I was addicted. It's not one of my favorite UF series. And this is a common issue. Most didn't love the first book but discovered they were in love in the second one.
    Okay, now I got that off my chest, I recently read Eyes Like Stars too. So beautifully magical.
    I read Need by Carrie Jones and the book just bugged me. I figured I wouldn't bother with Captivate.
    I've been wondering about Fairy Tale. I have some swag and wondered why I hadn't heard more about this book. It sounds like it might be worth checking out. I hate it when you just don't 'feel' a relationship though.
    Anyway, lots of great books here!

  3. I want to read Need and Captivate. Need is the first one right?

    Have a super week :)

  4. I am still on the fence about Need and now Captivate. People either really like it or it bugs them. Did read good reviews for Saving Max.

  5. You had an awesome reading week!


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