Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cover Wars - Thirteen Reasons Why

I'm trying out something new.  I've been trying to post reviews 4 days a week while participating in book meme's the other 3.  The problem is I don't always read 4 books a week.  Eventually I'm going run out of reviews (and I like my reviews to post a week or two after I finish reading them).   I don't  really want to participate in another meme.  But, I'm having trouble coming up with something original for my blog.  So, I'm going to play with a couple ideas for my Saturday posts.  I'm thinking something different each Saturday of the month.

       So, my first Saturday post is going to be different countries covers of my favorite book for February.   If you haven't read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, I highly recommend it.  It was amazing!

Thirteen Reasons Why     Thirteen Reasons Why     Tote Mädchen lügen nicht     Trzynaście Powodów     Por treze razões

I'm not sure how to tell which cover belong to which countries :)   The first one is the one we get in the US.  And, I know the second one is the paperback version in the UK.   The red one reminds me more of the covers for adult suspense novels.  I assume it's suppose to be Clay on the cover of the blue one.   I like the tape one the last one.

I think my favorite in the US version.  I like the setting (the park fits in so well with the story).  And Hannah looks so lonely.   It's very fitting.

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