Friday, August 21, 2009

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

I give this book 4 out of 5 Stars!

Description: A big, sumptuous tale of catty girls, dark secrets and windswept romance unfurls in this compulsively readable novel of late-19th-century New York City socialites. Godbersenweaves a tenuous web of deceit, backstabbing and pretense that follows four teens: Elizabeth Holland, a prim and proper lady of old-money society, is betrothed to one man, though furtively loves another; Henry Schoonmaker, a debauched playboy who must marry Elizabethor be disinherited; Diana Holland, Elizabeth’s younger sister who is in love with her fiancĂ©; and Penelope Hayes, a member of the nouveau richewho will stop at nothing to win Henry’s affections. As Elizabeth and Henry’s wedding approaches, the spectacle unfolds in a wondrously grandiose scene, making for a fun, though not entirely unexpected dĂ©nouement. A delicious new twist along the Gossip Girl vein, readers will clamor for this sharp, smart drama of friends, lovers, lies and betrayal.

So, I admit, I'm a sucker for awesome covers.  And who wouldn't pick up a book that involved one of those awesome dresses from back in the day.   The description intrigued me as well.  So it went on my to read list.  When I found it on the shelves at my local small town library, I snatched it up!   I loved it!   But then again, I have found myself completely enthralled with historical fiction.   I can't wait until my library gets the rest in stock for me to read (and yes they ordered the rest since they didn't have them on the shelves!)

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