Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review: Breath by Jackie Morse Kessler

Breath Title: Breath
Author: Jackie Morse Kessler
Series: 4th (Hunger, Rage, Loss)
Pages: 336
Published: April 16th 2013 by HMH Books for Young Readers
ISBN:  9780547970431
Source: Personal Copy 


I think this one was easily the best out of the four. And that's saying something but I really enjoyed this series. 

Death is an amazingly complex character. All that he has seen as he has managed death throughout humanities existence. He reminded me a tad of death in "The Book Thief" Humans fascinate him. But, he knows he can't get attached because our life compared to his is but a speck in time.
 I found it interesting that he created the 4 horseman and how he did it.  Despite all that he has witnessed, he's lonely. He has nothing to share this world with. 

Xander was also an interesting addition to the story. I enjoyed how his story is woven in with death's and how he was the one person Death turned to when he felt the world was at it's end. 


  1. I have the first two books in this series but haven't read them yet. Do you think I should read it soon?

    1. I read the first two soon after they came out but never did get to 3 and 4 until recently. I wish I would have read them sooner!


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