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Review - Somewhere to Dream (The MacDonnells #3) by Genevieve Graham

Somewhere to Dream (The MacDonnells, #3)Title: Somewhere to Dream 
Author: Genevieve Graham
Series: 3rd (Under The Same Sky, Sound of the Heart)
Pages: 336
Published: November 5th 2013 by Berkley 
ISBN:  9780425265574
Source: Author/Publisher sent for honest review

Desciption: The Cherokee call her Shadow Girl. A white woman adopted by Indians, Adelaide is haunted by the dark dreams she hides—of her murdered family, of the men she fears, and most of all, of the ones that foretell the future. After her visions cause her to make a terrible mistake, she renounces her power and buries her dreams deep in her soul.  Until Jesse Black is captured by the tribe. His life is spared because the Cherokee believe his warrior spirit belongs to their fallen brother. Though he hates all Indians, Adelaide illuminates their way of life for him, just as he shines light into her shadowed heart. But when her dreams return, Jesse must help her face them…or die trying… 

I Give This ...

I did not read the first book in this series, but felt the second worked well enough despite that.  So, it never crossed my mind not to read this one.  I was wasn't entirely disappointed with this story.

I don't think I've ever read about a character quite like Adelaide.  I would think it would be hard to adapt to living with the Cherokee.  But, Adelaide is so afraid of the white settlers that she prefers the Cherokee ways.  It's almost contradictory because she readily acknowledges the fact that the Cherokee can show to mercy when it comes to the white men the capture.  She's almost become disillusioned to the roles each of them pay.  She truly sees the Cherokee as her saviors but you can tell that she still feels out of place with them.

An interesting twist to the story is the fact that Adelaide has visions.  Most of her visions seem to show violence, so she never is able to stay in them long enough to determine any sort of outcome or ways to circumvent their occurrence.  All she knows is that she has been dreaming of the Cherokee's new prisoner her entire life.  But, he may have a special place with the Cherokee.   One of them believes he harbors the soul of a Cherokee who passed away.

Jesse and Adelaide's future together is more tied to the past then I ever though possible.  Adelaide must overcome the events that lead to her coming to live with the Cherokee and she must acknowledge her dreams for them may help far more than she knows.  Jesse must realize that the Cherokee are not all he has grown up to believe.  Perhaps evil really does lie with someone else.

I really enjoyed the whole story.  But, I often felt like I was missing some key piece of information.  Adelaide does address some of my questions but it seems to be really late in the novel and not enough.  It had a lot to do with Adelaide and her sister.   I think a lot of my questions would be answered if I had read the first book in the series.  It's primary characters are Maggie and the man she marries.  I think I need to read it and hopefully it would close a lot of gaps I feel like this story had.  

I do enjoy this authors historical fiction, so I am looking forward to what she writes next.  Be it another edition to this series, or something else entirely! 

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