Thursday, November 21, 2013

B & K's Reading Daze - They Told Us Something Wonderful Was Coming

I have two girls who love to read as much as I do.  They are 8 and 5.  My oldest has grown in  leaps and bounds in the reading department and is beginning to love easy chapter books.  My youngest has most of her sight words and is beginning to start blending.  I'm so excited that this love of mine seems to be passing on to them.  So B & K's Reading Daze highlights some of the books they have enjoyed over the past month.  

This month's pick is special.  We have a family friend who is an excellent artist.  Both my girls have paintings she has done especially for them in their rooms.  So, there was never any doubt that we would pick up her first book.  She wrote and illustrated it herself!

They Told Us Something Wonderful Was ComingTitle: They Told Us Something Wonderful Was Coming
Author: Bev Stone
Pages: 46
Published: August 6th 2013 by Createspace 
ISBN: 9781482626988
Source: Author Gift

Description: Flowers waving? Bees dancing? The sweet sound of barking? How can that be? Explore the subtle signs of joyous anticipation as we learn the reason for celebration in "They Told Us Something Wonderful Was Coming."
I Give This ...

I'm always hesitant to review friends and families' work.  Everyone has their own tastes in literature.  But, I had reviewed some of Bev's previous rough drafts and knew this couldn't be much different.   I wasn't disappointed!

One of the biggest pluses to this short little story was the illustrations.  The author is a fantastic artist in her own rights and it shows!  The pictures are detailed, vivid, and have the painting quality.  The illustrations jump off the pages.

The story itself is cute.  It flows nicely with no jarring text that doesn't fit with the rest.  And it celebrates a wonderful message.  The whole world rejoices at the arrival at something special and I think it sends a powerful message.  

I know the author has another one in the works and I look forward to it as well!

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