Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

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Today's Topic is To Ten Book Turn-Offs.  I don't have any turn-offs that will make me completely stop reading a book.  But, I do have certain traits that may take a lot for the book to overcome.

More than two points of view - I can handle two points.  In fact, sometimes two works really well.  But more than that and I feel the story loses some of its impact.

Love Triangles - It's been done time and time again.  I'm over it.

Teens that decide they make the rules - I wonder how often teen identify with this trait in books.  But, it drives me nuts!

Absent parents - The other half of the above point.  Were the hell are the parents in some of these stories.

 Whiny Characters - You know the ones that complain about absolutely everything?  Why would I want to read about that?

Indecisiveness - I'm going to do this...no how about this...wait I think this.   I feel like it's filler in a book.  Make a sound decision and stick to it!

Selfishness- I find this more in historical fiction.  But more true to character for sure.  I'm just amazed at some characters do not care one bit about others.

Slow Pace  - I will admit, if I feel the story is dragging out I will start skimming.

Lots of Build Up to a disappointing climax  - I think this is probably one of the worst ones.  It gets me all pumped up for the great ending.  Then something blows it.

Cliffhangers - This is a love hate for me.  If I have the next book available, it's not so bad.  But, I hate having to wait a whole year or more to find out what happens.  I know its part of the catch, but ....


  1. I'm over love triangles as well. So annoying and predictable!

  2. Slow pace kills me sometimes. I'm very prone to skimming too if the pace drags on and on, and I hate having to skim books.


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