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Review - A Spark Unseen (The Dark Unwinding #2) by Sharon Cameron

A Spark Unseen (The Dark Unwinding, #2)Title: A Spark Unseen
Author: Sharon Cameron
Series: 2nd (A Dark Unwinding)
Pages: 352
Published: September 24th 2013 by Scholastic Press 
ISBN:  9780545328135
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: When Katharine Tulman wakes in the middle of the night and accidentally foils a kidnapping attempt on her uncle, she realizes Stranwyne Keep is no longer safe for Uncle Tully and his genius inventions. She flees to Paris, where she hopes to remain undetected and also find the mysterious and handsome Lane, who is suspected to be dead. But the search for Lane is not easy, and Katharine soon finds herself embroiled in a labyrinth of political intrigue. And with unexpected enemies and allies at every turn, Katharine will have to figure out whom she can trust--if anyone--to protect her uncle from danger once and for all. 

I Give This ...

I'm so glad this series caught my eye.  I find it to be an excellent series with characters that I really love.  And the steampunk element work just right in this one.

I grew to love Katharine's character in the first book and it's no exception this time around.  She's fiercely loyal to those she cares about.  She does not accept when she is told that Lane is dead even though she has no evidence to the contrary.  So when it's clear the Uncle Tully is in danger the only thing for her to do is fake his death and cart him off to Paris in a trunk.  There she embarks on a whirlwind adventure to find Lane and while trying to keep her uncle safe (and sound).

I find Uncle Tully to be one of the highlights of this story.  A prime example of the fine line between genius and insanity.  The fact that they have to drug him, cart him across the English Channel in a trunk, and then set up his room in Paris exactly like his room at home speaks loads about his frame of mind.  But, what a mind it is!   One never knows what Uncle Tully might create with the simplest of things.

The intrigue behind what really happened to Lane and who might be after Uncle Tully's inventions is all connected.  Everybody wants to stop the inevitable war between England and France, and above all, nobody wants a Bonaparte to have control over Uncle Tully.  But, how is that this goes all the way up to the very leaders of the country?  And how can Katherine keep Tully from becoming an expendable object?  And who exactly is Lane?   All questions that are satisfyingly answered!  

I breezed through this book.  Just when it seemed like I had no idea which way this story might go another piece to the puzzle fell into place.   I loved the tension and intrigue.  I would no be disappointed if the author decided to continue with this series!  

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