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Review - The Sword Dancer (Tang Dynasty #4) by Jeannie Lin

The Sword Dancer (Tang Dynasty, #4)Title: The Sword Dancer
Author: Jeannie Lin
Series: 4th (Butterfly Swords, The Dragon and the Pearl, My Fair Concubine)
Pages: 288
Published: May 21st 2013 by Harlequin 
ISBN:  9780373297429
Source: Sent for Honest Review

 Description: Sword dancer Li Feng is used to living life on the edge of the law—a woman alone in the dangerous world of the Tang Dynasty has only her whirlwind reflexes to trust. She will discover the truth about her past, even if that means outwitting the most feared thief-catcher of them all...Relentless, handsome and determined, Han sees life—and love—as black and white. Until he finally captures the spirited, courageous Li Feng, who makes him question everything he thought he knew about right and wrong. Soon he's faced with an impossible choice: betray the elusive sword dancer he is learning to love, or trust his long-disregarded heart and follow her to dangerous, tempting rebellion... 

 I Give This ...


This isn't my typical genre.  I could probably count on one hand the number of books I've read that fit with this one.  But, something caught my eye and I decided to give it a try.
I really enjoyed Le Feng's character.   She's tough as nails and she demonstrates that many times over.  But, she seems to have this soft vulnerable side that one wouldn't ever dare point out to her.  I find it interesting that she got caught up with this band of thieves because of a man.  I think in her head she knew that she was just another women to him.  But she does what so many of us do, she convinces herself that she's in love and so is he.   Despite this man, her ultimate goal is to find out what really happened to her family.  She's waited so long to gather up the strength and determination to face the truth that has long been buried.

Han may be a renegade thief catcher, who seem to be barely above the law themselves.   But, he lives by the book.  Hard not to when he was raised by a magistrate and groomed to take on the political life as well.  Not the kind of background one would expect from a thief catcher.  When he meets Le Feng, something about her has him willing to throw away the book and defy all he knows to keep her safe.  She tests everything he thinks he knows about himself.  He knows he has met his match and the perfect women to have at his side.

But, the path isn't easy (why would it be).  When Le Feng learns the truth about her family, they discover that the corruption is so deeply ingrained in even the must trusted officials.  How does anybody stand a chance about bringing the crime to light and demanding retribution.  Sometimes, the only course of action is revenge.  But man, that did not play out how I thought it would.

A very interesting romance that I enjoyed a lot.   Reminded me that sometimes the best of books lies in something you never thought you would read! 

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