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Review - Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie Moning

Dreamfever (Fever, #4)Title: Dreamfever
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Series: 4th (Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever)
Pages: 400
Published: August 18th 2009 by Delacorte Press 
ISBN:  9780385341653
Source: Library

Description: MacKayla Lane lies naked on the cold stone floor of a church, at the mercy of the erotic Fae master she once swore to kill. Far from home, unable to control her sexual hungers, MacKayla is now fully under the Lord Master’s spell.…The walls between human and Fae worlds have come crashing down. And as Mac fights for survival on Dublin’s battle-scarred streets, she will embark on the darkest—and most erotically charged—adventure of her life.  He has stolen her past, but MacKayla will never allow her sister’s murderer to take her future. Yet even the uniquely gifted sidhe-seer is no match for the Lord Master, who has unleashed an insatiable sexual craving that consumes Mac’s every thought—and thrusts her into the seductive realm of two very dangerous men, both of whom she desires but dares not trust.  As the enigmatic Jericho Barrons and the sensual Fae prince V’lane vie for her body and soul, as cryptic entries from her sister’s diary mysteriously appear and the power of the Dark Book weaves its annihilating path through the city, Mac’s greatest enemy delivers a final challenge.… It’s an invitation Mac cannot refuse, one that sends her racing home to Georgia, where an even darker threat awaits. With her parents missing and the lives of her loved ones under siege, Mac is about to come face-to-face with a soul-shattering truth—about herself and her sister, about Jericho Barrons…and about the world she thought she knew.

I Give This ...

The end of the third book left be reeling.  But, diving into the next book had to wait due to the stack of review books that I let get a little out of control.  But, when the pile dwindled down, you can bet this was one of the first book I picked up from the library.

I was curious how Mac was going to get out of the predicament that she was in.  No one has come back after being made Pri-Ya.  I didn't fully grasp what that meant, but the book when on to give up a feel for it without really making it a focal point of the story.  I was more concerned that Mac get back to her regular ass kicking self, and thankfully the book was too.  Granted, it was damn interesting how she gets herself back.  It was not what I was expecting, although I was waiting for it to happen.  

Once Mac comes back, she's on a mission.  I know she's been on one all along, but it's like a switch was flipped.  She's not going to take shit from anybody.  She wants her city back, her sister's murder avenged, her parents safe, and the naysayers to shut up.  She may be Rainbow Girl, but she's going to mix in some black while she's at it.  I loved how she recognizes that she can't do it all on her own.  She's needs help and is finally willing to bend a little to get it.

I loved the descriptions of the chaos the world is in.  The world has changed drastically while she was out of it.  Fae have openly taken over the city.  People are either dieing in drastic numbers or willing to become the Fae's prey.  But, all Mac's fighting comes to a grinding halt when the Lord Master makes good on a threat.  He kidnaps Mac's parents and she must travel through the mirrors to get them back.  Absolutely intense...and a huge cliffhanger.  

This series has been awesome so far.  Hopefully back to school won't cause me to put the next book in the series on the back burner for too long!


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