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Review - Unbroken (Ruined #2) by Paula Morris

Unbroken: A Ruined NovelTitle: Unbroken
Author: Paula Morris
Series: 2nd
Pages: 304
Published: February 1st 2013 by Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545416412
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: Welcome back to New Orleans.  Where the streets swirl with jazz and beauty.  Where the houses breathe with ghosts.  A year ago, Rebecca Brown escaped death in a New Orleans cemetery. Now she has returned to this haunting city. She is looking forward to seeing Anton Grey, the boy who may or may not have her heart.  But she also meets a ghost: a troubled boy who insists only she can help him. Soon Rebecca finds herself embroiled in another murder mystery from more than a century ago. But as she tries to right wrongs, she finds more questions than answers: Is she putting her friends, and herself, in danger? Can she trust this new ghost? And has she stumbled into something much bigger and more serious than she understands? 

I Give This ...

I enjoyed the first book in the series so I was more than willing to put in a request for this one.  Ghost stories have always been one of my favorites and I love the setting on New Orleans.

One thing I've noticed in this series is that Rebecca often doesn't strike me as a typical teen.  I love her focus on humanitarian work.  I can't say I've met many real life teens who will spend their spring breaks on clean-ups and house projects.  I think in that regard this book sets an excellent example.  I also enjoy Rebecca's actions towards being an outsider.  She definitely has to overcome some obstacles to even remotely fit in.  This is a very exclusive and cliquish group that she finds herself in the middle of.

The romantic relationship is definitely very teen.  Its really the only that was up to the rest of the story.  Anton and Rebecca seem to realize that there's little tying them to a long distance relationship but yet the moment they are together things get chaotic.  Jealousy, avoiding the truth, and skirting around the issues are just a slight description of  the drama that goes on.  

However I did like the ghost story.  I was never really sure of the truth.  I sometimes felt our ghost was holding back and whole lot of the events that led to his death and the reason he needs Rebecca's help.  I was right on those accounts, but it wasn't for the reason I was thinking.  I liked the tie in to someone famous.  

I would read another in this series if the author choose to write another one.  The characters aren't exhausted out yet and in New Orleans they are plenty of ghosts with a story to tell.


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