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Review - India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy (Madam of Espionage Mysteries #3) by Carol K. Carr

India Black and the Shadows of AnarchyTitle: India Black and the Shadows of Anarachy
Author: Carol K. Carr
Series: 3rd (India Black, India Black and the Widow of Windsor)
Pages: 320
Published: February 5th 2013 by Berkley Trade 
ISBN: 9780425255957
Source: Sent for honest review

Description:  India Black, full-time madam and occasional secret agent, is feeling restless, when one of Disraeli's men calls on her to meet the prime minister--alone. Even though all her previous meetings have been organized by the rakishly handsome spy French, it's been decided this is a mission India must attempt on her own.  Revolt has spread across Europe and reached the shores of England--anarchists have begun assassinating lords and earls, one by one. Now India must infiltrate the ranks of the underground group responsible for those attacks, the sinister Dark Legion. To stop their dread plot, India will go from the murkiest slums of London to the highest levels of society, uncovering secrets that threaten her very existence...

 I Give This ...


I love India, so I was really looking forward to this latest book in the series.  It didn't disappoint, but I felt it was a little less exciting than the previous books in the series.

India really is the same heroine I have come to know and love.  I love that she never bats and eye when it comes to joining forces with this zealots who want to bring down the monarchy.   I often wondered if they were buying her story, but she never seemed to waiver.  She was more than willing to do what it takes to prove that she's loyal to the cause.  I don't think they couldn't have put any better of a person in that situation.

I think the reason that it didn't live up to my idea was because I really missed French.  It wasn't just his interaction with India that I wanted, I wanted more of him.   He's missing for a part of the beginning.  But when we do finally see him, India and French need to act like they don't know each other.  It's safer for both of the.   We do finally get that interaction, and I really enjoyed every moment of it. 

I loved some of the events in the story.  We're finally getting closer to knowing who India might really be.  And the tension between French and India is to the point that something has got to give!  I'm hoping this isn't that end, because I would love to see a 4th book in the series!

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