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Review - Uncontrollable (The Nature of Grace #2) by S.R. Johannes

Uncontrollable (Nature of Grace, #2)Title: Uncontrollable
Author: S.R. Johannes
Series: 2nd (Untraceable)
Pages: 300
Published:  September 24th 2012 by Coleman & Stott 
ISBN: 9780984799145
Source: Sent for honest review

Description: As Grace recovers from tragedy, her science class is chosen by Agent Sweeney at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to help with research on the new "Red Wolf Reintroduction Program".   While she’s excited about helping with the conservation of the endangered wolves, Grace knows this means being outdoors in the worst winter recorded, in a place she no longer feels comfortable. It also means working closely with Wyn (her ex) and his annoying girlfriend (Skyler), a girl whose idea of getting close to nature is picking silk plants and growing fake plants. After a couple of wolves show up dead, Grace almost quits. However, when a fellow project team member goes missing, Grace continues the assignment under a renewed suspicion that someone might be sabotaging the conservation program. She quietly begins to hunt for clues.  Little does she know, she is being hunted too.  

I Give This ..

This was a really hard book for me to rate and review.  I really enjoyed the characters and the plot line.  But there are some key points to this story that seem false to me.  I think must people won't think twice about the so I decided to let them go and just go with it.

Grace really is one of the most kick ass heroine's I've ever read about.  She's never the damsel in distress even when she really is in distress.  I love how she's so in tune with nature.  I'm an outdoorsy girl, but I often wonder if I could survive if in the wilderness.  There is no doubt that Grace could.  She knows how to read all the clues and use nature to her advantage.  I love that she loves animals so much.  This part of her is so ingrained into who she is that denying her that does absolutely no good.  Even she can't hide from it.

I wasn't sure how to take the story of the wolves at first.  I'm not a supporter of the reintroduction of the wolves in the rocky mountain, so I was hoping that the story wouldn't become too political or environmental.  I was pleased that it didn't, but I had problems with other aspects of the story.  I just didn't buy that the Department of Fish and Game would let high school students help with such an important project.   It's something that's heavily monitored and recorded and not just a light project for extra credit.  I also wasn't extremely sure that our culprit behind this would have such a conflict of interest.   I'm sure this type of things happen all the time, but I can't imagine that such a connection would be so under the radar. 

Despite those things, I really did like the story.  I'm particularly fond of our characters, especially Grace.  There were some moments were I felt like smacking Wynn, but he redeems himself.  I really don't blame him for the actions that he takes.  I recommend this series immensely!


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