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Review - Tempest's Fury (Jane True #5) by Nicole Peeler

Tempest's Fury (Jane True, #5)Title: Tempest's Fury
Author: Nicole Peeler
Pages: 356
Series: 5th (Tempest Rising, Tracking the Tempest, Tempest's Legacy, Eye of the Tempest)
Published:  June 26th 2012 by Orbit 
ISBN: 9780316128117
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: Jane's not happy. She's been packed off to England to fight in a war when she'd much rather be snogging Anyan. Unfortunately, Jane's enemies have been busy stirring up some major trouble -- the kind that attracts a lot of attention. In other words, they're not making it easy for Jane to get any alone time with the barghest, or to indulge in her penchant for stinky cheese.  Praying she can pull of a Joan of Arc without the whole martyrdom thing, Jane must lead Alfar and halflings alike in a desperate battle to combat an ancient evil. Catapulted into the role of Most Unlikely Hero Ever, Jane also has to fight her own insecurities as well as the doubts of those who don't think she can live up to her new role as Champion. Along the way, Jane learns that some heroes are born. Some are made. And some are bribed with promises of food and sex 

I Give This ...

Ok, so 5 books into the series seems like a strange time to introduce a whole lot of history.  But oddly enough it worked well in this book.  I don't think the chain of events would make a whole lot of sense without it, and it didn't need to be introduced before now.

Jane's character has grown tremendously throughout this series.  She's gone from learning about who she really is to truly beginning to accept her role as champion.  She may think she's not the right person for the job, but she's willing to give it the best she can.  She's got a spirit in her that I greatly admire and I'm also realizing why she was chosen (and not just because the storyline tells us it is this way).  

I also have enjoyed how Jane's relationships have progressed.  At first she seems so juvenile and its really reflected in her relationships.  By this point you can tell who is important to her and the role they have all played in her life.  I particularly love her relationship with Anyan.  I relished in the little tidbits of information we get about his life and how his relationship with Jane is special.  Yes, the sex scenes in the book are a little bit raunchy, but that's part of the fun.

I think my favorite part was honestly the history.  Turns out England is steeped in it (and I don't mean the obvious).  The Alfar, supernatural creatures, and haflings have been apart of the island so long that the seem to abide by their own rules.  I loved the idea of the library with the greatest collection about the supernatural.  The librarian guarding all its secrets was especially intriguing.  I also was fascinated with the history of the children born from Fire and Air, the Red and the White.  The power and destruction was just awesome.  And the way the Alfar have gone to such great length to keep them hidden yet the way to find them was written in plain sight.

A great addition to the series, maybe one of my favorites.  The ending was a shocker and I'm curious as to how this will all work out.  There has to be something...right?    


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