Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review - Amber House by Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed

Amber HouseTitle: Amber House
Author: Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 368
Published: October 1st 2012 by Arthur A. Levine Books 
ISBN: 9780545434164
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: "I was sixteen the first time my grandmother died . . ."  Sarah Parsons has never seen Amber House, the grand Maryland estate that's been in her family for three centuries. She's never walked its hedge maze nor found its secret chambers; she's never glimpsed the shades that haunt it, nor hunted for lost diamonds in its walls.  But all of that is about to change. After her grandmother passes away, Sarah and her friend Jackson decide to search for the diamonds--and the house comes alive. She discovers that she can see visions of the house's past, like the eighteenth-century sea captain who hid the jewels, or the glamorous great-grandmother driven mad by grief. She grows closer to both Jackson and a young man named Richard Hathaway, whose family histories are each deeply entwined with her own. But when the visions start to threaten the person she holds most dear, Sarah must do everything she can to get to the bottom of the house's secrets, and stop the course of history before it is cemented forever. 

I Give This ...

This peaked my interest right from the start.  A little mix of history, ghosts, and maybe magic.  I was a little weary that maybe I was setting myself up for failure.  That and the fact that this has multiple authors had me a little hesitant.

There was no need to worry about all that.  This was really a great book.  Sarah gave an interesting voice to this story.  She has a very rocky relationship with her mother.  Her mother has deep dark secrets that are effecting every relationship she has ever had.  We learn about these gradually as Sarah explores the secrets the house has to offer.  And there are many.  Sarah proves to be extremely strong.  She manages to bring her family back together in ways I didn't even think possible.  And along the way she learns a lot of herself and her family.

As much as I enjoyed Sarah, I think the house itself is an important character to acknowledge.    With as much that has happened to its inhabitants, the house has a lot of stories to tell.  They are not at all pleasant.  While there are no true ghosts in this story, there are definitely parts that rival horror stories.  I think Sarah did a great job considering for awhile she did not realize what was happening to her.  

The chain of events is intense and as history unravels we learn the events that have brought us to were the family is today.  Completely not what I was expecting.  I loved it!  


A story that was surprising in events.  I will be looking forward to what these authors offer next. I recommend this to anyway that can stomach a good scary story!

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