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Review - Anastasia Forever (Dreaming Anastasia #3) by Joy Preble

Anastasia Forever (Dreaming Anastasia, #3)Title: Anastasia Forever
Author: Joy Preble
Series: 3rd (Dreaming Anastasia, Hauted)
Pages: 304
Pages: August 1st 2012 by Sourcebooks 
ISBN: 9781402268755
Source: Sent for blog tour and honest review

Description: Stories within stories. Secrets within secrets. In accepting powers from the legendary witch Baba Yaga, Anne must tackle a complex set of missions: Discover the secret of their enemy's newfound immortality; decide whether she can kill him to free her family from a vicious curse; come to terms with the magic that now resides inside her; and finally find true love with Ethan. The riveting conclusion to the trilogy that began with Dreaming Anastasia.

I Give This ...


I was so excited to hear that there was going to be a 3rd book in this series.  I didn't feel the story was quite done after the 2nd.  This was a much better overall ending to the story!

I think Anne really had a lot to deal with in this book.  She has that promise that she made to Baba Yaga, the russian witch.  A maybe boyfriend struggling with his new found mortality.  A best friend who probably meddles a little too much. A grandmother who is a rusalka (a form of meraid).  It's not wonder that she really just wants to have a normal life, even if it's just for a little while.  Sadly, we know that isn't going to happen.

Baby Yaga calls on Anne to make good on her promise she made in exchange for her powers.  She needs to stop Vincent.  In true Lord Voldemort form (I love the point that Vincent technically came first in time) he hides a piece of his soul to become immortal.  The problem is not only were, but when did he do it.  I loved how intricately woven the story was.  It really was about stories in stories.  Anne had to understand Vincent to find were he could possibly have hidden his soul.  I love that she gets to travel back in time in this story.  I think it helps her unravel all the pieces and truly accept who she is and what she needs to do.  I love what we get to briefly meet Anastasia when she was alive and well.

I love how Ethan is having a hard time dealing with what has happened to him.  But, yet it never stops him from doing everything he can to help Anne.  Even if it comes to admitting that she doesn't need his help.  I enjoy how Tess is willing accept whatever life throws at her just because she's Anne's best friends and she refuses to sit on the sidelines.  

I think Baby Yaga herself is one of my favorite parts of the series.  I tend to have a hard time with mythical characters written bigger than life (and she really is here).  But, I just found her so damn interesting.  I didn't think so of things she does in our world to be farfetched, but it goes along with the idea that we see what we want to see.  Easier to believe freak storms, etc over the idea that a crazy witch swooped out of the sky.  

This was an extremely satisfying end to a series that I enjoyed very much.  I will be looking forward to Preble's next work!


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