Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsmen Review

Snow White and the Huntsman 

 I don't review movies that often.  Mostly because I don't go that often.  I'm a movie buff, but my husband HATES the theater.  I haven't quite become comfortable going by myself, so I either miss the movies or find someone else to go with.   Oddly enough my mom and grandma wanted to see this one.  

Charlize Therone...what I can I say.  I really wanted to see this movie just for her.   And she did not disappoint in her role as the Evil Queen.  I loved her costumes and the way she played her character.  I loved Christ Helmsworth asthe Huntsmen.  He had just the right attitude for the part.  I loved his accent and really, he's just sexy (I like him as Thor too.)   Kristen Stewart however, I'm really just not sure on.  I think she's the right look for Snow White.  But what was weird for me is she didn't talk, behave, or look in different than anything else I've ever seen her in.  And her speech were she's trying to get everyone to stand against the Queen wasn't really that moving.  Disappointing when I felt it was her pivotal moment in the film. 

I really enjoyed the twist on the storyline.  I liked how the Queen came into power.  I liked how the land and the people suffered beneath her rule, but that there were those who would defy her.  I think they were all looking for that sign or ray of hope that there might be something better out there.  They needed a reason to take a stand.  I did feel like the Queen wasn't explained very well.  We see how she got her powers, but didn't understand why her mother did it.  And did she get more powerful over passing years?  

Overall, I would recommend it only if you don't mind retelling of fairy tales, darker fantasy, and magic.   These are all elements that I love, so I was pleased.

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