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Review - Tempest Unleashed (Tempest #2) by Tracy Deebs

Tempest UnleashedTitle: Tempest Unleashed
Author: Tracy Deebs
Series: 2nd (Tempest Rising)
Pages: 352
Published: June 5th 2012 by Walker Childrens 
ISBN:  9780802728302
Souce: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: Tempest Maguire is happy with her decision to embrace her mermaid nature and live among her mother’s clan within the ocean’s depths. Even though training to one day ascend the throne for the aging mermaid queen is rigorous, she finds refuge in the arms of Kona, the selkie who first opened her up to her mermaid side. But when word comes that one of her brothers has been gravely injured on land, Tempest immediately rushes to his side—which also brings her back to her old flame, Mark. And in her absence, a deadly battle begins raging at the hands of Tempest’s old nemesis, the sea witch Tiamat. As the dangerous war erupts, Tempest’s two loves—Kona and Mark, sea and land—will collide for the first time, both to protect her and to force her to choose.

I Give This ...

I enjoyed the first in the series, so I was hoping that life as a mermaid would be a good choice for Tempest.  I was also curious to see were this story might go.   It's an interesting world the author has created.  

I was curious how this story would work when we know that at the end of book one, Tempest chose the life in the sea.  I wanted to see how this underwater world that was created could function.  Oddly, a lot of the time I wasn't sure if the story was under water or not. It didn't help that sometimes Tempest would prefer her legs, but it seemed like they were far below the water's surface.  The Selkie kingdom seemed to work in the same peculiar way.  

Tempest seemed kind of indecisive at time.   She wants to finish this battle with Tiamat, but seems content to have Hailana order her around.  I figured her to be more of a take charge kind of mermaid.  I did find it interesting that she seemed so connected to her human past.  Everyone expects her to just be able to let go of it.  But, I think the vision of her human family prove that they will always be a part of her no matter how long she's a mermaid.

I think the intensity of the end of this book are what make it.  Tiamat seems desperate in her attacks, but she's trying to draw Tempest to her.  A sunken ship in a great place for a battle!  I liked how many pieces there were to this battle.  It's not just Tiamat that Tempest has to face, and she has a few of her own friends to think about as well.  It was interesting to see how it all played out, and how the story might continue.

I also put the book down when the love triangle was brought in.  The first story hinted at one, but I was so sure that Tempest has made a choice.   I didn't like how her human and mermaid sides each seemed to chose someone different.  In my mind there was a more obvious choice.  I'm glad I stuck it out...even if I disagree with the one choosen.

I'm sure I will continue with the story.  It's not over yet, and there are still some missing pieces.

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