Thursday, May 24, 2012

B & K's Reading Daze

I have two girls who love to read as much as I do.  They are  6 and 4.  My oldest is in the beginning stages of learning to read.  My youngest still loves to be read too.  I'm so excited that this love of mine seems to be passing on to them.  So B & K's Reading Daze highlights some of the books they have enjoyed over the past month.  

K's Books:  
Dancing LarryTitle: Dancing Larry
Author: Daniel Pinkwater
He still likes blueberry muffins. He still works as a lifeguard at the Hotel Larry in Bayonne, New Jersey. He still lives with the Frobisher family. And his brother, Roy, still works at the zoo. But does Larry know how to dance? Not until he attends little Mildred's dance class- and that's when all the fun begins.
We haven't read this yet.  But she's proud of it!  She earned it in school by turning in all her book-it forms for the whole school year.  Plus, it's about a dancing bear and my little ballerina loves that!
B's Books:

Grandma, does my moon shine over your house?Title: Grandma, Does MY Moon Shine Over Your House?
Author: Mary Hansen Freund and Jane Freund 
A delightful story of a little girl who wants to know more about the moon and makes a call to her grandma. The girl imagines what the moon looks like traveling (such as wearing a hat and sunglasses and carrying a briefcase). Explore the imagination of a child as she thinks about the moon and whether her grandma sees the same moon that she does. 
It's funny what will make a book special.   The girls' great-grandma got this book for them.  She always included a little inscription inside and this time it also included one from the author.  Also, it's appropriate because my husband's mother lives 1500 miles from us! 

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