Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Girl vs Ghost (Misdirected Magic Trilogy #1) by Marie August & Kate McMurry

Girl vs Ghost (Misdirected Magic Trilogy, #1)Title: Girl vs Ghost
Author: Marie August and Kate McMurry
Series: 1st in Trilogy
Pages: 242
Published: April 10, 2011 by Blazing Star Press
ISBN: 9781613400005
Source: Author sent for honest review

Description:  Isabel Lindley doesn’t believe in magic, but her best friend is obsessed with witchcraft. Strictly as a favor, Isabel agrees to help with a spell and is shocked when the ghost of a teenage boy splat-lands in her bedroom. Her friend is thrilled—even though only Isabel can see or hear the ghost—but Isabel is horrified. She’s the most ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on the planet. What is she supposed to do with a ghost who doesn’t know his own name, how he died, or why the heck he’s tied to Isabel with a psychic chain? Her only hope to take back her life is to help him solve the mystery of his demise so he can go to the Light. Or wherever. She’s not particular, as long as the ghost is gone. 

I Give This ...

I really wasn't sure when the author contacted me about this book.  But, having had good luck with this type of book in the past, I decided to give it a try.

Isabel was an alright character.  I get the impression that she's smart.  So while she comes off as really self absorbed, I would be willing to bet that she actually just really shy.  She's also really set in her ways.  So, it's more than a little inconvenient when she's saddled with a ghost who is literally chained to her.  I wasn't sure that her anger at Tripp was justified.  For someone who is so grounded in reality, I think it was the shock that her friend managed to accomplish something that she really wasn't expecting.  I like the way she handles being chained to ghost that no one else can see.

I really wasn't overly fond of Tripp.  She's dabbling in magic that she really knows nothing about.  Worse, when she admits she might need help getting rid of the ghost she asks Isabel to lie to her grandmother about really happened.  As it turns out, she's also lying to Isabel about the spell she was really trying to perform.  She's a little overconfident in her own abilities and knowledge.

There's some twists in the book that I wasn't expecting.  Turns out the spells Tripp has been using are from a book that don't belong to her.  And the owner is a little unhappy about her use of them.   His involvement makes the story a little more interesting.

Overall, an ok book.  It's well worth the $0.99 for the ebook formats.

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