Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: The Royal Treatment (Princess for Hire #2) by Lindsey Leavitt

The Royal Treatment (Princess for Hire, #2)Title: The Royal Treatment
Author: Lindsey Leavitt
Series: 2nd in Princess for Hire
Pages: 272
Published: Available now from Hyperion
ISBN: 9781423121930
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Description: Desi Bascomb's job as a princess substitute has gotten a whole lot more glamorous now that she's advanced to Level 2 within the Facade Agency. Magical make-up, roller-skating celebrities, and the chance to see Prince Karl again are just some of the major perks. Not to mention, she's landed the role of Fairy Queen in her school's production of Midsummer's Night Dream (opposite her best friend's crush. Which is a little weird, but at least he wears a donkey head during their kissing scene). Life should be perfect, but Desi can't seem to shake the feeling that there is more going on with the agency's magic than she's told. Like why is this mind-bending power exclusive to royals? Is it possible that there could be a bigger way to make an impact in both parts of her life?

I Give This ...

I adore this series.  It's just the right blend of fairy tale princess, fantasy, mixed in with the real world.  I also think it's perfect your pre/younger teens.  I particularly like that it's set in Idaho, even if the town is completely fictional.

Desi was fantastic in the installment.   I loved that she took her task of preparing for the next level seriously.  It made me wonder if anybody questioned her when she was studying things like yachting.  I also enjoyed that when she's not on princess duty, she's very evolved with her own life.  I think being a princess for hire has made her more confident in herself and I really like that.  She's also still trusting her instincts when it comes to princess duty, which I think is an important skill to learn.

I enjoyed her time on princess duty.  It was a little bit of a mystery why she was subbing for a Hollywood star.  But, it added to the story when Desi began to question the facts presented to her.  I liked how she handled the problem presented to her.  She acted a little irrationally, but no one seemed to be listening to her.  I also liked that she interact with Prince Karl again but as a different person.  

I totally predicted the ending and what was really going on with Karl and Reed (her best friends crush).  But, I loved it anyway.  It just fit into the story so perfectly.  I also liked the revelation concerning the magic involved in being a princess for hire.  I'm really intrigued on were that storyline might go.  Completely looking forward to the next one!

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