Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Summer (Beautiful Dead #3) by Eden Maguire

Summer (Beautiful Dead)Title: Summer
Author: Eden Maguire
Series: 2rd in Beautiful Dead
Pages: 288
Published: Available now from Sourcebooks
ISBN: 9781402239465
Source: Publisher provided

Description: In order to spend time with her undead boyfriend, Phoenix, Darina must help solve the murder of the third member of the Beautiful Dead. The gorgeous and talented singer/songwriter Summer Madison was shot dead in broad daylight by a crazed killer. Will Darina be able to solve the mystery in time to save Summer from eternal limbo?

I Give This ...

I've enjoyed The Beautiful dead series so far.  The idea is interesting and really hooks you from the very first book.  You're invested and want to know what a really happened to all four teenagers.  Which, really is a brilliant marketing idea.

But, this one felt really repetitive.   We know that the first part of the book is going to be Darina going crazy with grief for Phoenix.  She's actually annoying about it this time around.  The Beautiful Dead show up with hardly anytime to spare, just like always.  Hunter makes Darina feel like crap, again.  Oh...and there's time travel (surprise).   Which again seems to completely negate the reasons Darina is even there.

Despite that, I like Darina the minute she has a mission.  Granted she's given quite a bit of direction this time around.  But, I think it's different because she and Summer were actually close friends.  Helping finding Summer's killer seems to be helping her heal.   I liked reading about the rehearsals for the tribute concert and especially the crazy fan.  

I will read the next one.  I want to know what really happened to Phoenix.  I want to see how Darina handles finding the truth knowing when she does, Phoenix will be gone forever.  Although, I wouldn't be surprised at some twist in the story were they somehow can still be together.

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