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Review: Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia #2) by Joy Preble

Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia, #2)Title: Haunted
Author: Joy Preble
Series: 2nd in Dreaming Anastasia
Pages: 290
Published: Available now from Sourcebooks Fire
ISBN: 9781402244681
Source: Sent by publisher
Description: Anne is trying her best to live a normal life, but she's still got some power sparking inside her. She's hearing and seeing things that she tries her best to ignore-like being haunted by a Russian sea nymph that claims the princess Anastasia is still alive. That's when Ethan Kozninsky-he of the stunning blue eyes, thick brown hair, and former immortal status-returns. Anne soon realizes that everything she's been trying to forget might be impossible to bury.
I Give This ...
I think I being a little generous with the 4 rating, but I know I enjoyed more that those books I give a 3.  It was really the ending that I had issues with.
I've noticed lots of reviews that stated the reader was surprise/upset that Ethan and Anne are not together at the beginning of this book.  I fully expected it and it didn't bother me.  I think they were both trying to process and deny what happened during book 1.  Ethan was coming to terms with being mortal and trying to avoid the girl who made him that way.  Anne was doing the same.  Sometimes being together isn't the best idea no matter how much you care for one another.   
I really enjoyed the story of the rulaskaI don't know a lot about Russian folklore and this series had definitely changed that.  I liked how she could be seen in very little amounts of water.  It's no wonder Anne that she was going crazy.  I liked how all the pieces fall together in this installment.  Everyone is connected somehow from the jewelry shop owner to the rulaska herself.  It's not something I even suspected at the start of the story.

The ending is the only thing that bothered me a little.  First, I still have no idea what Baba Yaga really wants from Anne.  Anne made a deal with her, but I don't think she even knows what she really has to do.  I'm guessing there will be another book to explain it all.  If not, I have no idea how the story really ended.

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  1. I just finished this and came into it without reading Dreaming Anastasia. I was afraid I wouldn't understand what was going on, but I think Joy did a great job adding enough details about what Anne and Ethan went through before the start of this book that it can stand alone. Having said that I think I will definitely get my hands on Dreaming Anastasia just to see what it is like. Great review!


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