Friday, January 21, 2011

Vixen (Flappers #1) by Jillian Larkin

Vixen (Flappers, #1)Title: Vixen
Author: Jillian Larkin
Series: 1st in Flappers series
Pages: 421
Published: Available now from Delecorte Books
ISBN: 9780385740340
Source: ARC from Around The World Tours

Description:  Jazz . . . Booze . . . Boys . . . It’s a dangerous combination.  Every girl wants what she can’t have. Seventeen-year-old Gloria Carmody wants the flapper lifestyle—and the bobbed hair, cigarettes, and music-filled nights that go with it. Now that she’s engaged to Sebastian Grey, scion of one of Chicago’s most powerful families, Gloria’s party days are over before they’ve even begun . . . or are they?  Clara Knowles, Gloria’s goody-two-shoes cousin, has arrived to make sure the high-society wedding comes off without a hitch—but Clara isn’t as lily-white as she appears. Seems she has some dirty little secrets of her own that she’ll do anything to keep hidden. . . .
Lorraine Dyer, Gloria’s social-climbing best friend, is tired of living in Gloria’s shadow. When Lorraine’s envy spills over into desperate spite, no one is safe. And someone’s going to be very sorry.  

I Give This ...

For the most part this story was ok.   I'm not familiar with the roaring 20's and such, so that was an interesting aspect of the story for me.  

The characters are what I had the most trouble with.  Gloria was ok, and since most of the story seems to be about here, the book wasn't as exciting as I think it could have been.  I didn't really understand her fascination with the speakeasy's.   Was it the environment, the singing, or something else?  I got the impression that it was all about Jerome.  He became an obsession for her that she couldn't let go.  

I actually liked Clara best.  I enjoyed that she had done the whole flappers scene and was trying to make the best of her life by moving on.  I think she enjoyed proving to herself and her family (the ones who knew) that she was ready for her change.  I also liked how she enjoyed watching Gloria cut lose.  

I was most surprised by Lorraine.  I could see the jealousy building in her, but I had no idea that she would take it as far as she did.  I would be curious to see were the series takes her character next.  She's going to become more wrapped up with people she shouldn't I think.

The story felt a lot like The Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen.  So many of the elements are very similar just set in a different time period.  Which I find also ironic when you think about the fact that Godbersen has a new series set in the 20s as well.  Overall, I liked the story but there was just some things off for me.  I will probably read the next one though just to see what happens with the characters.

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