Friday, December 31, 2010

Firespell (Dark Elite #1) by Chloe Neill

Firespell (Dark Elite, #1)Title: Firespell
Author: Chloe Neill
Series: 1st in Dark Elite
Pages: 246
Published: Available now from Signet
ISBN:  9780451228864
Source: Purchased

Description: As the new girl at the elite St. Sophia’s boarding school, Lily Parker thinks her classmates are the most monstrous things she’ll have to face… When Lily’s guardians decided to send her away to a fancy boarding school in Chicago, she was shocked. So was St. Sophia’s. Lily’s ultra-rich brat pack classmates think Lily should be the punchline to every joke, and on top of that, she’s hearing strange noises and seeing bizarre things in the shadows of the creepy building. The only thing keeping her sane is her roommate, Scout, but even Scout’s a little weird—she keeps disappearing late at night and won’t tell Lily where she’s been. But when a prank leaves Lily trapped in the catacombs beneath the school, Lily finds Scout running from a real monster. Scout’s a member of a splinter group of rebel teens with unique magical talents, who’ve sworn to protect the city against demons, vampires, and Reapers, magic users who’ve been corrupted by their power. And when Lily finds herself in the line of a firespell, Scout tells her the truth about her secret life, even though Lily has no powers of her own—at least none that she’s discovered yet… 

I Give This ...

I've been meaning to start either of Chloe Neill's series.  But, there many books and so little time.  I started with this one because I have the 2nd in the series available, while I'm still collecting the book in the other series.   

I felt like this one started out really slow.  It just didn't grab my attention at first.  But about the time Lily follows Scout after one of her disappearances, I finally felt like maybe the story was going somewhere.   The rest, I just devoured.  

I really liked Scout and Lily's friendship.  It clicked for me as much as the instant best friends did for them.  I liked their conversations and how they interacted with each other.  I also like both of the interactions with the brat pack.  A couple times, I actually laughed out loud at their witty remarks.  I liked the romantic interests in the story as well.  Especially how Scout downplays her relationship with Michael.  I was a little perplexed at the sudden decision of Lyndsay to be included in everything.  I didn't think she was going to play into the story at all and then she was.  I wonder how that will play out in future books.

I liked the explanation of magic and the reapers.  It was an interesting twist on how people come into magic and what happens to them.  I also thought it was interesting on how all this is occurring in Chicago.  It made me wonder if this is happening in other locations or is Chicago just special.  A couple things definitely left me curious as to what is truly going on.  It's a series I will be continuing that's for sure!

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