Thursday, November 18, 2010

B & K's Reading Daze

 We haven't had as much library time this past month.  But, we've managed to find some new one's that we really liked.  

K's Books (Age 5):

Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs?Title: Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs
Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle

We picked this one up because K loves the movie The Princess and the Frog.  It was really cute with colorful illustrations.  I liked the story the best.  I think it did a great job of demonstrating that every little girl is a princess at heart.  And it turns out there are a couple more book by the same author that follow this theme. 

Thanksgiving, What Makes It Special?Title: Thanksgiving: What Makes It Special
Author: Harold Myra

We really enjoyed this one.  I thought it had some really good points on what Thanksgiving means and it's traditions.  It's religious and points to thanking God for what we've been given.  For this reason, I know it's not for everybody.  But, for what we believe, it had some valuable lessons that I thought were geared well to K's age group.

B's Books (Age 2 1/2):

All Year Round: A Book to Benefit Children in NeedTitle: All Year Round
Author: Lisa Desimini 
Wow!  This one was fantastic.  It had really bright and colorful pictures.  And it did such a great job of going through the season. B really loved it.  I think she would have liked it more if it was in a board book, or a smaller edition.  The book was big and hard for her to pack around.  

Snuggle Up, Sleepy OnesTitle: Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones
Author: Claire Freedman

This is one of B's go to animal books.  She also particularly likes books that talk about going to bed.  The story is simple, and the animals are cute.  There's one page that bothers me because it doesn't rhyme like the rest of the story.  But, B loves this one, and it was an impulse buy at the library book fair!

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