Thursday, October 21, 2010

B & K's Reading Daze


This will be my first attempt at this, so we will see how it goes :) 

First off a little bit about my girls so you know what they might gravitate to in the way of books.  I won't be using their full names.  B is 2 and will be 3 in December.  She's my tomboy.  She loves cars, animals, and being rough.  Everyone always says it's the older one who is hard on the younger sibling.  It's not that way in this house.  She's also behind in speech, so I tend to read simple books to here to help along her vocabulary.  She loves her books and most days can be seen carrying around 3 or 4 of them.  K is almost 5.  She's a very girly girl if you know what I mean.  She loves to dance!  She also loves animals.  She has an awesome imagination!  She's very smart and seems be good with memorization.  After I read her a story, she can tell it back to herself pretty well.  She's really likes the level 1&2 Barbie books as well as Clifford the Big Red Dog. 

Both of my girls have a pretty good collection of their own books and also love to visit the library.  We've made it a girls things and go almost every week.  This month I've decided to showcase one book from their own collection and one from the library that we've really loved.  The library book will be the second one.

B's Books:

Binky (Leslie Patricelli board books)Binky by Leslie Patricelli

Anyone who's spent time with a toddler knows that few crises compare with the (even temporary) loss of a favorite binky. Here, in her humorous, bold graphic style, Leslie Patricelli plays up a scenario near and dear to every toddler's heart, raising the plaintive question: can there be any peace in the house when a beloved binky is not to be found?

Well this one is definitely on the younger side, but it's the go to book in our house.  In fact, we've read it so many times, K can read along with me.  I think this one especially has helped B with her vocabulary.  We've also loved the other books by Leslie Patricelli.  Blankie was a favorite of K's when she was little.

PhotobucketZoo Babies - no author ISBN 086611862
B really likes this one.  It has some of her favorite wild animals in it.The story is simple with bright colorful pictures.  She especially likes the Monkey and the Hippo!

K's Books: 

Daddy HugDaddy Hug by Tim Warnes

Daddies come in all shapes and sizes—slimy and scruffy, long and fluffy! And daddies make all different kinds of noises—squeak and chirp, buzz and bumble! But what do all daddies have in common? They make us feel safe and snug with tender daddy hugs! 

The pictures in this one are awesome!  And the story is cute.  I think my parents bought this book for K and she really likes it.   I think it has to do with the animals.  There's a very wide range in this story.  We've read it quite a few times!


A Little Witch Magic by Robert Bender
At first I wasn't sure about this one.  I was afraid it might be a little scary because the witch seems a little mean.  But the story ends up taking a turn and in the end we both really liked it.  The pictures are perfect for Halloween! 

Boo to You, Winnie the Pooh! 

One I was surprised we didn't like was Boo To You, Winnie The Pooh! by Bruce Talkington.  It's wordy and even I stumbled over the passages.  K got bored with it.  The illustrations were really good though.


  1. This is a cute idea! I definitely like it!

    (Thought I'd point out, because I don't know if it's intentional or not, but you mentioned you wouldn't use their full names and you call your daughters B and K in the main paragraph, but their full names in the comments about each book. Just thought I'd point it out, because I know my sister doesn't like using her kids full names and such...)

    Anyway, I did like the post! It's a fun idea!

  2. Thank you for pointing it out. I tried so hard not to do it. But, it's an unnatural thing to do :) I meant to go back and make sure (which I thought I did), but I guess I missed it a couple time.


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