Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Aristobrats by Jennifer Solow

The AristobratsTitle: The Aristobrats
Author: Jennifer Solow
Pages: 224
Published: September 2010 by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
ISBN: 9781402242588
Source: Publisher sent for review

Description: It’s all about the Attitude. Parker Bell knows the secret to beauty is pretty simple–wearing the right clothes isn’t as important as how you feel in them. Popularity is like that too. It’s all about attitude. You have to picture who you want to be and then just imagine that’s who you already are. This year Parker and her three best friends have made their way to the top of the populadder at Wallingford Academy. And they’re ready to use their Aristobrat status to help spread positive vibes throughout the school. But when the girls are assigned to produce the seriously lame school webcast, their popularity plummets! Will this tragedy destroy the girls' status? Or their friendship? Or both?

I Give This ...

 My first guy reaction was I don't really like this.  But, it's not because this isn't a good book.  I just don't identify with it.  And that's ok, because not every book written is going to have cross over appeal.  So, I continued on with the idea that I'm previewing it for my daughter's to read when they are older.  

While, I still had a hard time with the lingo (thank god there's a glossary in the back lol), I ended up liking the story for the message I think it portrays.  I think it has a really positive vibe to it.   These girls are the most popular in their school, but they didn't get there by stepping all over everyone below them.  I think the girls found out something really important about themselves through this book.  It's not always about what you wear, who your friends are, were you sit at lunch, or how many friends you have on facebook.

I would completely recommend this for younger girls (maybe as young as 8).  

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