Friday, July 2, 2010

The Word On The Yard (The Pony Whisper, #1) by Janet Rising

The Word on the Yard (The Pony Whisperer, #1)Title: The Word on the Yard
Author: Janet Rising
Series: 1st in The Pony Whisper series
Published: June 2010 by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781402239526
Source: received from publisher for honest review

Description: When Pia’s parents divorce, both Pia and her pony Drummer have to start life in new homes. In this smash hit series from the UK, Pia Edwards finds herself in a new town, new school and new stable. Thanks to a mystical statuette that allows her to talk to horses, she discovers that she isn’t the only one having trouble fitting in and making new friends – ponies have problems, too!   Pia immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Cat, ‘queen’ of the stables, but starts to make friends when her newly-discovered talent helps save a pony from colic. Word spreads about Pia’s pony-whispering powers – then it all goes wrong when she gets her own TV show. Pia suddenly receives more attention than she ever dreamed – from humans and horses alike. But can her dream last forever? When Pia’s invited on national television to help problem horses by talking to them, she’s mortified to discover she forgot her statue. Pia is convinced the jig is up when James, a fellow horse lover and total hottie, gallops up with the statue and saves the day. She’s afraid he’ll reveal her secret, but James assures Pia the Pony Whisperer that her secret is safe with him. Maybe this new town isn’t so bad after all.

I Give This ...

I jumped at the chance to read this one when offered.  I have a particular love for horses (being raised around them, etc.) and one of my favorite series growing up was the Saddle Club.  I really enjoyed the set up and Pia was an interesting character.  She's going through a lot and the only stable thing in her life is her horse.  You can tell that she has a real connection with him.  I thought the idea of being able to hear what the horses were saying was great.  It was fun to see what words the author would put in the horse's mouth!  And some of the situations with the horses gave a very different light to the idea of what horses go through.  My only real issue with the story was the attitude.  For pre-teens, I thought they characters had a horrible attitudes and the way the interacted with each other and even adults was a little off.  Even the horse got a bit of an attitude, which was a bit weird.  Overall, I think this a great story for younger girls.  Especially for those who are animal (especially horses) lovers.!

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