Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review Nightstand for CSN Stores

Awhile back I had a post for CSN Stores.  Their promotional team had contacted me about the possibility of doing a review.  I had stated that I intended on getting a nightstand for my daughter's room.  Since we've received and have had a month to use it, I thought it was time to post my review.  

PhotobucketThe ordering process was pretty easing.  I only had a small complication with the address verification.  Which is nothing new.  My address is 2 years old but still have problems with systems shooting it back as invalid (thank you country commissioners for changing our address and causing years of problems).  It took 7 days to get it.  Which again is common as we live in Idaho and it always takes longer to get things unless it's shipped from the Western US.  The package was well taken care of with no marks or dents on it!  The inside was nicely packaged as well.
PhotobucketIt took very little time to put together.  The pieces aren't marked, but I was able to figure out which ones went were.  I was able to put it together on my own with the help of my 4 year old daughter.  My only complaint was the picture instructions that told you to do one thing and then a side note that I completely missed that told you to do another.  I had to take it partially apart and fix my mistake.  Also the door hangs a little funny.  You can't tell, but it's a little tight in the opening.  You have to push the door to the left (towards the hinges) to get it to open and close properly.  It's almost like the hinges are to big for the door. But, my daughter is able to do this with no problems.
She loves having a place to put her cup of water, kleenex, etc at night.  And the lower shelf is full of her favorite books.  Which is great, because it clears up some space on her bookshelf for some containers with toys in them.  Overall, it a wonderful little nightstand and serves it's purpose well.  It doesn't match her room furniture exactly, but she picked it out and really loves it!


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