Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview with Tricia Rayburn author of Siren!

My PhotoI'm thrilled to have Tricia Rayburn author of Siren here today!  Tricia is also the author of several books for ‘tweens including the MAGGIE BEAN series, and the forthcoming RUBY’S SLIPPER.  Siren is her first book for young adults.  Now on with the interview!

1.  Tell us about your debut book Siren and it’s main character Vanessa.

Siren tells the story of 17-year-old Vanessa Sands, a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat who's used to hiding behind her fearless older sister, Justine -until Justine jumps off a cliff and doesn’t return.  While everyone else thinks Justine's death is a tragic accident, Vanessa knows better and returns to the scene of the crime to figure out what happened. Along the way she finds romance and
faces some of her greatest fears...including one that will change her life forever.
2. I’ve read that you aren’t fond of swimming in the ocean, so what made you decide to
write a book were the ocean figured in so prominently?

I’m as drawn to the ocean as I am afraid of it, and I thought this push-and-pull would make for an
interesting story!
3. Why is it that Vanessa never realized that others were drawn to her?

Growing up, Vanessa always thought Justine was the beautiful, attention-grabbing one. It’s not
until she’s on her own that she realizes how people respond to her.
Siren4.  I loved the twist on Greek Mythology. Was the idea always to involve the idea of the
Siren’s, or did that take shape as you were writing the story?

I definitely set out to write a story about modern-day sirens, though who those sirens were
changed as the story progressed.
5. Is there a sequel planned?

Yes! Siren’s actually the first in a trilogy; the sequel will be out next summer, and the third book
will be out Summer 2012.

I want to thank Tricia for dropping by!  I was so excited to here that there is a sequel (and even more so to learn it's a trilogy) planned!   To read my review of SIREN please click on the title!

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