Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Hear The Dead by Dianne Salerni

We Hear the DeadTitle: We Hear The Dead
Author: Diane Salerni
Published: May 2010 by Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781402230929
 Source: ARC provided by publisher for honest review

Description: It started out as a harmless prank. But soon enough, spiritualism was the fastest growing movement of the nineteenth century, and Maggie Fox was trapped in a life of deceit.
Meticulously researched by the author, We Hear the Dead reveals the secret of how the Fox sisters faked their rapping sounds and their motives for inventing the séance and founding spiritualism.

I Give This ...
 I'm a little frustrated in writing this review because it's the second time I've done it.  I had one all written out and went to insert the pictures and the whole post disappeared!  
I liked this book for the most part.  I feel the description is a little misleading though.  I got the impression it has more to do with the actual spiritualism movement and the Fox sister's involvement.  It's there, but it feels more like the background story.  The story is more personal than that.  It's told from both Maggie's and Kate's point of view.  But, the story seems to focus more on Maggie.  I think she had issues deceiving people from the very beginning.  The book is more about her inner struggle with that.  She liked the fame in brought her.  Especially when it introduced her to Elisha Kent.  That's when the story becomes more of a romance.  Maggie has to choose between her family and spiritualism and her new found feelings for him.  I have to say I didn't like Elisha much.  I don't know if he truly cared for Maggie.  It seemed like he was more interested in molding her to be what he thought she should be.  In the end, I felt sorry for Maggie and all she had to endure at the hands of Elisha and his family.
The story was interesting and well written.  I just wanted more of the spiritualism and seances.  I thought it was interesting that Maggie played along while in the end I think Kate really truly believed she was being guided by the dead.

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