Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Movie Review

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     I had high hopes for New Moon.  I liked Twilight, but there was so many things that I felt could have been better or different.   The scenes, clips, and trailers I've seen for New Moon looked fantastic.  So, I kept my fingers crossed.  I was not disappointed!
     Everything about New Moon was taken to the next level.  The makeup was so much more believable this time around (no shocking white faces)!  The contacts were more what I pictured.   I felt the acting was better (Kristen Stewart did not annoy me as much).  The werewolves were fantastic!!  I was nervous how they would make bear size wolves believable, but they did it.
     I think that I was most surprised by was Michael Sheen.  I had liked what I had seen concerning the Volturi, but nothing prepared me for it.  I thought the whole scene in Volterra was awesome.  Michael Sheen was perfect as Aro.  He was positively creepy!!
     I will probably see it again sometime soon.  And, I can not wait to see what they do with Eclipse!

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