Friday, September 25, 2009

Zelda's Cut by Philippa Gregory

Zelda's Cut

I give this book 2.5 Stars!

Description: Isobel Latimer, a writer known for her moral tales, is trapped by the confines of her puritan image. Not a sarcastic word can pass her lips in public. Not a single dress can show off the faintest traces of her figure. With a literary reputation to uphold and massive, increasing debts to keep secret, Isobel is about to crack-everyone wants a cut of her talent, her time or her money, but only she knows there's nothing left to give. At wit's end, Isobel and her agent, Troy, conspire to create a new Isobel, only this one is a taboo-breaking, uninhibited bombshell of an author named Zelda. An alter ego, Zelda can do everything Isobel cannot: Zelda can speak the unspeakable, explode social norms and unleash her desires. As a new, champagne-fuelled celebrity, she embraces freedom with fervor. Troy revels in the stir she has created, but Isobel senses menace behind her beautiful, new mask, and longs for the stability of her former life. But when she returns, Isobel realizes she has been gone too long: the familiar is now strange. An account of suppressed desires come to fruition, this novel of shifting identity will leave the reader questioning the nature of his own.

I knew before starting this wasn't your typical Philippa Gregory that we have come to love.  But, I needed a Z title for my alphabet challenge and lets face it, there's not a lot to choose from. This book was a little bizarre and little racy. You have the author/housewife and her alter ego having an affair with her agent while they are both dressed in the alter ego's clothes. Add that to the disabled husband who suddenly improves while hanging out with the pool man.   Plus, you have the constant discussions of money.  It seems like everybody needs some (and by some I really mean large quantaties).  What you get in the end is a twist of events that leave you slightly disturbed and thinking WTF? I couldn't stop reading it though.  You can see the end coming but you can't stop yourself from watching everybody fall in the process.

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  1. Ugh! That is too bad. Oh well, can't love them all, though I do


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